Breaking Out Of Doubt’s Prison

Doubt oppresses us with delusional enchantments, imprisoning our true value in a cell of distorted mirrors. Breaking the glass requires positive thinking, yes, but Doubt is well capable of perverting even faith itself over to its dictatorial cause. As such, never fear to fight dirty against it, sabotage the self-sabotage with what Doubt fears most:


Evidence reasoned from deliberate action.


Watch the glass crack, then shatter, and view the impotent monster prick its flesh on the shards of the falsehoods now beneath us.


Doubt does not respect me. Why should I show it any honor or deference? It doesn’t follow its own rules, only assaults with unproven claims. This gives me full license to fight dirty, and craft my own methods of engagement.


Doubt uses questions as weapons, but the damage dealt can be visited back upon it when we learn to see that the answer to any question lay in the question itself, and the act of questioning.


It’s easy to mistake the “Unknown” as Doubt, but I see a distinct difference. In fact, the Unknown may very well prove to be a powerful counter to Doubt, as it is impossible to assess what we do not know, and Doubt acts as a wicked assessment which twists what we do know, or think we know, into critical weapons reflecting back on ourselves.


The Unknown offers opportunity for excitement and growth, while Doubt stifles growth with depression and anxiety, prompting self-abusive behaviors.


To break out, then, we must step away from the cycles Doubt places us within, as bars in our self-constructed prison, and maybe it will never be completely eradicated, may always exist and be present … but let it be present somewhere else.


What Doubt made a prison, the Unknown can make a temple.